Harriet Harcourt

Smartphone Food Photography

Need help taking better social media pictures with your smartphone?

On demand


On demand



If you’re in business, you will always benefit from some beautifully crafted & styled professional images that you can use over-and-over again. That’s where I come in.
But what about when it’s just you or your staff, the moment, and your smartphone? 
That’s where my workshops come in.
Join me for a half or full day workshop tailored specifically for you and your staff at your workplace, shooting your products in situ.
If you’re a solo operator or simply an enthusiast who’d like to learn some tips, join a group of like-minded individuals in a location that I’ve arranged.
During the workshop, I’ll walk you through styling, composition, tips & tricks to make the food shine, and use of props. We’ll work out your go-to set-up to give you the confidence to create better images in your own space and a consistent look for your brand.
We’ll also have a practical session styling and shooting food & products with images you can take away and put to work, and a round up with questions and review of images captured on the day.
Participants must be familiar with the use of their phone camera.

Note: these workshops are currently on demand – please contact me for more information